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Business Consulting

Our aim is the same as yours ….. to maximise the potential of your business and its profitability.

You don’t need to do it all yourself

People involved with running a business don’t have “spare” time. It’s hard to stand back and see the bigger picture. We will do that for you, provide suggestions for improvements with their benefits and help with the implementation if required.

Cost Effective

We will only undertake a project if the benefits to the client far outweigh the costs of our services.

Time Efficient

Your time is needed to run your operation – we operate with the minimum disruption to that routine.

Full Range of Services

Alman Consulting Ltd is part of the ibd network which gives us access to their range of analytical tools and processes as well as a network of over 300 qualified business advisors if specialized skills are required.

Honesty and Integrity

This approach is the only way to develop a long term partnership with our clients and that is what we want.

Why Use A Consultant?

Our Business Consulting Service provides direct practical help in essential areas to help your company.

What Benefits Does an External Consultant Bring?

Experience …. gained in corporate life and in dealing with a vast range of businesses as a consultant. This is not only dealing with the problems in those companies but also learning from the things they do well.

A consultant brings a truly independent view not influenced by
previous history or company politics.

Being an Owner/Manager is often a lonely position. You may have a management team but do not necessarily want to share private information and objectives with them. A business consultant can be a confidential advisor in those circumstances.