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Marketing & Sales

Most clients want more customers and more sales. We are business marketing consultants providing a service that does just that.

We can cater for the SME requiring a small business marketing consultant as well as helping the large company wanting to launch products into a new market segment.

How Can You Create Demand for your Products and Services?

Demand development is a process that all businesses need to undertake, not only to grow and be successful but simply to survive.

The task can be tackled in an ad hoc manner but there are proven techniques that will generate the real benefit.

  • It will help you keep your existing customers
  • You will get more business from those accounts
  • You will generate a regular stream of new customers

The Marketing Call

Decide on your target companies, plan the benefits you will tell them about, prepare for and make the call and follow up in a professional manner.

The Warm Call

Prepare your objectives for the call and the actions you want as an outcome.

Relationship Building

This is the essence of Key Account Management.

Key Account Management is all about ….

  • Keeping the Customers you have.
  • Getting more from those Customers.
  • Finding Great New Accounts.

All accounts are important but they are not equal.  Some are more important than others.

The most important customers have that status because of their turnover, profitability or strategic importance and they require an approach of Relationship Building.

Over the last six years we have worked with numerous clients from various industry sectors and we have systemised the process of Key Account Management.

That system can be applied to benefit your business.
Contact us to arrange a FREE discussion on how we can help.